What we are all about


The following is by site founder MS. 

If you enjoy ESPN Radio, or ever said “Wow that Keith Olberman has a point” or in general are a zombie to the current state of sports “entertainment” and “journalism” you can probably just leave.

If you are easily offended, hunt people down on twitter who say bad things and never really “get the joke” not for you either.

Lastly if you are terrified of voicing your own opinion or have guilt over your lot in life. believe dropping ice cubes on your head and Tom Brady wearing a pink wrist bands cures diseases, yeah not for you either.

The horrible state of Sports in the media these days is what prompted me to start this. From every retard on ESPN to being force fed Joe Buck on the best football game each week, watching sports and even listening to talk shows has become a chore.

Most people use sports as an escape. Sports has its uses for societal change or reform, but my god we treat every unique event like the breaking of baseball’s color barrier. We’ve run out of barriers. Now people just make them up and it diminishes actual change and worthwhile events.

This was all fine and dandy until the loser SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) which compose about .000000001% of sports fans started affecting actual sports. The leagues and advertisers have bowed down to these people time and time again. ESPN has become a network of SJWs and the agenda they ALL push is of course very one-sided. Disagree? Get fired, ostracized, or boycotted.

The very thing these people push (openness, equality, individual thought) is the very thing they destroy. I mean it’s encouraged to have to debate and opinions as long as it fits their standards.

The main goal is humor, some anger, but mostly laughs at the absurdity. I’m not going to spend hours on someone like Skip Bayless who intentionally  acts like an ass (although a VERY PC ass) but try and cut down as many people as we can. We’ll never have the impact here to get anyone fired, but that is not the goal. NonPC encourages real opinions without the threat of termination. Rather we like to point the hypocrisy, stupidity and obvious kowtowing that comes along.

I don’t want anyone fired, silenced etc. It is what it is. However I do want to crush them with my words and point out what fucking jerkoffs they all are.


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