NONPC Quick takes. 5/20/16

By Knuckles The Clown


  • John Salley is in the Jayson Williams class of stealing other people’s shtick to try and be the controversial funny guy and being terrible at it. However  made a great transgender joke that made Mike Greenberg wet his pants. Salley probably is banned for life as Mike Greenberg once made a 5 minute long apology for using the term “Throws like a girl”
  • You MUST MUST listen once to the “Trifecta” ESPN’s all woman show on at some hour when nobody listens to radio on Saturdays.  A man hating, hypocritical bore fest of the most politically correct female hacks ESPN can trot out.  Apparently the “goal” of the show is to bring some unwanted attention to subsidized woman’s sports like the WNBA.trifecta
    The man hating she-things had fellow asexual, and WNBA player Brittany Griner on for an interview….. The domestic violence poster girl Brittany Griner. Jane McManus who has defined her career by having a period over Ray Rice, asked exactly ZERO questions about Brittany’s women beating. Instead the interview focused on how many times the term “social media” could be used in 15 minutes. Hard hitting questions like “Social Media?” “Do you like social media? “Do you sometimes stay off social media?”

    Of course being ESPN this shows ratings could consist of just the “womens” Civil Union partners and they will always find a place to shove it down everyone’s throats.

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