Quick Takes 7/5

  • Durant to Golden State– Normally I hate any athlete who pussies out to do something already done (Lebron to the Heat, A-Rod to the Yankees) but this one is sweet as a virgins honeypot. OKC can suck it and this is revenge served piping hot to Clay Bennett. He is a total bitch and will probably move/sell the team within 2 years now that he has a team in OKC devoid of winning for the next 100 years. Even the residents of that dump may find other things to do besides watch terrible basketball
  • Donald Trump- Yeah his anti-Hillary tweet looked as anti-semitic as a deli on Long Island. But people see what they want to see. So apparently he hates Muslims AND Jews. RIIGGGHHT
  • Ichiro– It amazes me Ichiro in limited at-bats is actually hitting BETTER than his rookie year. Amazing, pleasure to watch and I hope he plays another year doing the hitting .340 thing while playing 80 games or so deal. What a perfect National League player (or fucking Mariners lead off hitter for a lot less than that bum Aoki
  • Olympics Rio– I wonder which turns out to have the bigger faux outrage? Perceived anti LGBTQRSTUV in Russia with ZERO chance anybody gets harmed or actual disease infested filth in Brazil. Until the the SJW’s can find a way to blame Zika on intolerance my  bet is still on the former being the bigger evil to mankind.

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