NON PC Quick Takes 8/10/16

Seems Arod after trying to ruin a World Series with his contract announcement many years ago also tried to ruin Ichiro’s 3000th hit, by announcing he is being forced to quit baseball on the same day. This time nobody gave a shit.For some reason ESPN is trying to elicit sympathy for this prick and every shithead who may have a HOF vote in the future promises to vote for him. And he got to keep all his money. Cheat for 20 years, serve 100+ games out of the 2000 you cheated in and let’s give you 500 million, let you coach and put you in the Hall. What a fucking disgrace baseball is.

Hey great author and blogger Joe Posanski is being forced to write about social issues for NBC now. Is the only way to make a career in media to suck hole to the lowest common liberal denominator?

While I am at it. Jesus Rob Neyer, what happened to you man? You’ve never had a real job but got by fine, so I don’t know what you are so pissed about, have been an excellent writer…. but now are unemployed and have become that annoying guy on twitter who posts 10,000 things a day that effectively say  “OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A LIBERAL TROLL LOOK WHAT THESE CRAZY REPUBLICANS ARE UP TO!!! From the guy with the best baseball columns on the internet and 3 great books to liberal twitter troll. NBC is probably hiring.

RIP John Saunders. Stuart Scott couldn’t carry this guys teleprompter but Saunders will be forgotten in 2 days.

Madden 17 is coming out soon. It has 42 new features nobody gives a shit about. They’ve added back formation subs that might actually work and carry over from game to game…. This was done 12 years ago in other football games. Way to join the 20th century.Rumor has it EA early access will include the running play clock not working, all 42 features resulting in an instant TD if Mortal Kombat combo’d correctly and a patch to take everything away by labor day to make the game essentially Madden 16.

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