Kaeprnick- I dont care about you sitting, I care that you are an f’ing moron

I wonder when appropriate change will be acceptable to Mr. Kaepernicks standards.

I feel him though.

When this country decides to end slavery, allow people of color to vote, not be segregated, protect people who don’t work with certain safety nets, allow blacks to hold political office, provide free education to all children and welfare to those down on their luck, special interest groups, watchdogs, college incentives, affirmative action, minority business ownership incentives, be allowed to play in all professional sports, own property, be given free legal counsel, marry white women or men, make racial slurs or discrimination result in a loss of business, character, employment, enact civil rights reform, elect a black president, have a black run attorney general office, have black supreme court justices, acceptance of rap music, have a black secretary of state etc. have the majority of all major cities elect black mayors, and a media that demonizes all whites as racists….. Only when we can FINALLY do these things will we see change ANY change!

Fight the power until we can accomplish these things Mr. Kaepernick!

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