State of Sports

We will be doing some updates shortly. Mind BLOWN over a few things.

SC6 ESPN’s attempt to be hipper cooler by having the two unhippest uncoolest black people ever gyrate around like they are auditioning for NWA background fill ins.

Why nobody should sign Kaeprnick and it aint about the flag still.

And why can’t women’s sports survive on their own merit? Why must it always take a subsidy, social issue and crying to get a league going?

Sherwin’s Baseball Fantasy 2017

Ok rather than try and do this via CBS. I thought I would make it simpler by posting in one spot.

Let me get the details down first.

12 Teams. No more divisions.
6 Playoff Teams
1. Record
2. Head to head
3. Points

In the event of a three or more team tie. Your record against ALL the teams you are tied with is the tiebreaker. You will fall in that order for a spot. If still tied with someone, then head to head again. Final tiebreaker is points.

Kaeprnick- I dont care about you sitting, I care that you are an f’ing moron

I wonder when appropriate change will be acceptable to Mr. Kaepernicks standards.

I feel him though.

When this country decides to end slavery, allow people of color to vote, not be segregated, protect people who don’t work with certain safety nets, allow blacks to hold political office, provide free education to all children and welfare to those down on their luck, special interest groups, watchdogs, college incentives, affirmative action, minority business ownership incentives, be allowed to play in all professional sports, own property, be given free legal counsel, marry white women or men, make racial slurs or discrimination result in a loss of business, character, employment, enact civil rights reform, elect a black president, have a black run attorney general office, have black supreme court justices, acceptance of rap music, have a black secretary of state etc. have the majority of all major cities elect black mayors, and a media that demonizes all whites as racists….. Only when we can FINALLY do these things will we see change ANY change!

Fight the power until we can accomplish these things Mr. Kaepernick!

NON PC Quick Takes 8/10/16

Seems Arod after trying to ruin a World Series with his contract announcement many years ago also tried to ruin Ichiro’s 3000th hit, by announcing he is being forced to quit baseball on the same day. This time nobody gave a shit.For some reason ESPN is trying to elicit sympathy for this prick and every shithead who may have a HOF vote in the future promises to vote for him. And he got to keep all his money. Cheat for 20 years, serve 100+ games out of the 2000 you cheated in and let’s give you 500 million, let you coach and put you in the Hall. What a fucking disgrace baseball is.

Hey great author and blogger Joe Posanski is being forced to write about social issues for NBC now. Is the only way to make a career in media to suck hole to the lowest common liberal denominator?

While I am at it. Jesus Rob Neyer, what happened to you man? You’ve never had a real job but got by fine, so I don’t know what you are so pissed about, have been an excellent writer…. but now are unemployed and have become that annoying guy on twitter who posts 10,000 things a day that effectively say  “OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A LIBERAL TROLL LOOK WHAT THESE CRAZY REPUBLICANS ARE UP TO!!! From the guy with the best baseball columns on the internet and 3 great books to liberal twitter troll. NBC is probably hiring.

RIP John Saunders. Stuart Scott couldn’t carry this guys teleprompter but Saunders will be forgotten in 2 days.

Madden 17 is coming out soon. It has 42 new features nobody gives a shit about. They’ve added back formation subs that might actually work and carry over from game to game…. This was done 12 years ago in other football games. Way to join the 20th century.Rumor has it EA early access will include the running play clock not working, all 42 features resulting in an instant TD if Mortal Kombat combo’d correctly and a patch to take everything away by labor day to make the game essentially Madden 16.

Quick Takes 7/5

  • Durant to Golden State– Normally I hate any athlete who pussies out to do something already done (Lebron to the Heat, A-Rod to the Yankees) but this one is sweet as a virgins honeypot. OKC can suck it and this is revenge served piping hot to Clay Bennett. He is a total bitch and will probably move/sell the team within 2 years now that he has a team in OKC devoid of winning for the next 100 years. Even the residents of that dump may find other things to do besides watch terrible basketball
  • Donald Trump- Yeah his anti-Hillary tweet looked as anti-semitic as a deli on Long Island. But people see what they want to see. So apparently he hates Muslims AND Jews. RIIGGGHHT
  • Ichiro– It amazes me Ichiro in limited at-bats is actually hitting BETTER than his rookie year. Amazing, pleasure to watch and I hope he plays another year doing the hitting .340 thing while playing 80 games or so deal. What a perfect National League player (or fucking Mariners lead off hitter for a lot less than that bum Aoki
  • Olympics Rio– I wonder which turns out to have the bigger faux outrage? Perceived anti LGBTQRSTUV in Russia with ZERO chance anybody gets harmed or actual disease infested filth in Brazil. Until the the SJW’s can find a way to blame Zika on intolerance my  bet is still on the former being the bigger evil to mankind.

You people know nothing about baseball, at all. Learn.


Sports by Michael Sherwin

This isn’t about sports commissioners but I will start there.

I have no love for sports commissioners. I actually don’t mind Roger Goodell, people hating on him for the reasons given are asinine. They get mad at him for handing out suspensions as judge, jury and executioner on game related matters…. But are livid he doesn’t conduct legal and detective work on issues outside the game.

He isn’t the fucking police he is a sports commish. If you want to be mad at him, get mad at him for making teams play in London and Toronto, 8 home games, you don’t need one being an away game, they are too important.

Basketball commissioners are always a joke, as much as Adam Silver is levels beyond David Stern, until every ownership partner of OKC is put in jail he is a loser.

I don’t even know if Hockey still has a commissioner or if the NHL even exists anymore.

Which brings me to baseball.

Heard an interview with new commish Rob Manfred. I don’t recall where as sports talk radio has turned in to whining pussies and the Dan Patrick-Rich Eisen block of the exact same show with imitation interns to boot. But it was good. He actually gave REAL answers, wasn’t mealy-mouthed and presented actual ideas to improve the game. He refrained from commish speak and sounded like everything rotting corpse Bug Selig wasn’t.

Now before I continue on some easy fixes for baseball I’ll explain my relationship with baseball.

I played my baseball in an unfortunate time when high school coaches really thought they were what mattered in wins and losses. They would gladly give up 15 outs to score one run and the sacrifice bunt was something they had control over. The thought of a 17 year old kid hitting a ball 400 feet terrified them as it was something they could never do, hence they got into coaching to make up for their own failed dreams and lack of ability. EVERY baseball coach in the 90’s could sure lay down a sac bunt back in their day though. Golly gee they could move a runner over 90 feet down 10 in the 6th inning.

Now that we’ve moved beyond Neanderthal coaching and understand doing the “little things” doesn’t amount to jack shit, it’s fun to see the game modernized to reflect what actually wins games. Call it moneyball, call it whatever you want. If you are behind by a run you want Chris Davis getting a walk or home run and not Skip Schumaker skip schumakering an out to “increase” the odds of winning by a negative factor.

WITH the improvement of strategy it is time for baseball, the game itself to improve itself with the amount of redundancy, wasted time and shit from the past that is useless now.

I am not a “get off my lawn” type of person I just don’t appreciate unnecessary bullshit.

The other day the dreaded social media collectively lost their minds over the proposal of waving a guy to first base for an intentional walk rather than throwing 4 wide ones. I mean my goodness one of those 4 lobs to the outside could end up in the bleachers and hilarity could ensue!!! OR four wide ones could end up taking 2 to 3 minutes from the amount of dicking around between throwing them.

I LOVE baseball. I will match wits with anyone over strategy, history, trivia. But I can’t watch it anymore. It’s just too fucking long. I also can’t attend a game. Between the $5,000 it takes to get from your house to the park and back and 4 hours long games with 3 minutes of action, I’d rather follow along on the Internet and do other shit. Sorry- me, like many other people, have grown up in an era where a lot of us just don’t have the patience.

With baseball’s no clock rules it just doesn’t fit into today’s society. This is great for your 60 year old fans and 12 year old’s, baseball writers or college students who have all the time in the world to do nothing.

Baseball needs to be sped up and it won’t take ONE thing away from the game. Whenever something is taken away from the game of baseball people bitch like their life savings are being ripped apart from them.

Then the must ludicrous of arguments start sprouting up that don’t have a goddamn thing to do with anything.

Good IDEA: Giving a runner a “walk” instead of throwing 4 wide pitches is a great idea! This needs to happen today!

The argument against not throwing 4 pitches for an intentional walk-


Really, were you fucking there for that? Since 192? or whenever the fuck it happened  many advances have been made in intentional walks. Including pitchers throwing 4 balls out side the strike zone for a walk 99.99999999999 percent of the time.

So ask yourself, are the thousands of people hours wasted on watching intentional walks worth the one in a billion shot that ONE might be a little too wide allowing all runners to advance a base? Is that moment so AMAZING to you that your are willing to put up with the bullshit of a pitcher still taking for goddamn ever to throw an intentional ball? Watch an intentional walk. There are still signs, waiting, time outs, and other mind numbingly boring shit that happens on them.

If you have no intention of pitching to the batter. Point to first. Don’t worry if you are still concerned you might miss some “action”, the batter will still take 20 seconds to mosey down to first base and his pants could rip in 30 seconds it takes to strip off his 14 pieces of extra protection equipment.

*quick thought. If people still insist on there being four pitches thrown, allow the batter to at least take off his elbow, ankle, toe cap DURING this pointless exercise and not after ball 4.

So that’s one thing on speeding up the game, I’ll have more in the coming weeks…. but

While I am at it the DH needs to be addressed. It makes it a better game, so bad segue 

Great Idea: The DH needs to be in the National League.

Some of the terrible arguments against the DH.


What? Who the fuck cares about that? There are relief pitchers, pinch hitters, gritty veterans with no business still playing on each team. Baseball is a 25 man game! 40 in September.


Pitchers bunt with a runner on base and less than 2 outs. EVERYTIME. That is not strategy. This is just what is done because they suck at hitting. There is nothing strategic about it at all.


Again who gives a shit. Pitchers pitch. They don’t work on hitting, they can’t hit and it’s an embarrassment when they do. So let them pitch and let somebody who actually practices hitting hit.


If he is the awesome-st hitter ever… No worries he can still hit in his spot! There is no rule the pitcher can’t hit. If your manager is dumb enough to let the pitcher bat for himself in lieu of a DH it is still allowed! For some reason though Bumgarner who is the best hitter EVER, a veritable Ty Cobb of the batters box…. still bats 8th or 9th every game though 😦 ?

Pitchers hitting in the All-Star game. 

Why the fuck in NL parks do pitchers hit in All-Star games… besides “house rules” It’s the All-Star game. Now you have terrible hitting pitchers hitting against the best pitching pitchers. Meanwhile 30 batters who can hit like men languish on the bench.

World Series flip flopping DH

This is a HUGE disadvantage to American League teams. Their pitchers bat 8 times a year if lucky. It is easier for the NL to play one of their poor fielder/great hitter as DH and plug in a bench bat or better fielder than the AL trotting a high school level hitter.