KTC Madden Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Class of 2018
Favorite Team: Detroit Lions
Other Teams- Michigan (College), Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers.

Tom Stimpson

Athlete he reminds me of?

Lions Legend Mel Gray

Mel Gray

KR Mel Gray https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GrayMe00.htm
One of the most devastating KR/PR in NFL history Mel Gray is small but great like Tomster and played on a lot of bad teams 🙂

Tomster is one of the original members of KTC. We met through the Madden Game League and he has been in every league I’ve ever been in including TNE, CNFL. A good friend, a sim player and a Madden Legend. Congrats Tom!

Sherwin’s Baseball Fantasy 2017

Ok rather than try and do this via CBS. I thought I would make it simpler by posting in one spot.

Let me get the details down first.

12 Teams. No more divisions.
6 Playoff Teams
1. Record
2. Head to head
3. Points

In the event of a three or more team tie. Your record against ALL the teams you are tied with is the tiebreaker. You will fall in that order for a spot. If still tied with someone, then head to head again. Final tiebreaker is points.